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Don’t Be Indifferent About Your Vehicle’s Differential

Most vehicle owners understand the importance of regular oil changes and tire rotations. However, other maintenance gets put on the back burner because of cost or time constraints. Oftentimes, people ignore service recommendations until they require repair. The saying “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” does not apply to vehicle maintenance. Without regular vehicle […]

What Affects Vehicle Gas Mileage?

For many people, their vehicle serves as their primary form of transportation. Whether it’s going to work, home, school, grocery stores, etc., our cars get us where we’re going. A significant aspect of owning a vehicle is gas mileage. Stopping for gas is as ubiquitous as planning your next meal; filling up both your gas […]

Easy Car Projects for Winter Storage

Do you have a special little sports car that’s tucked away for winter storage? That vintage vehicle that you’ve been working on through the years? If you’re feeling some separation anxiety, have no fear, there are a few things you can do to keep the car in good condition throughout winter. Dent InventoryHave you been […]

Removing Stickers from Your Car

We’ve all been there: feeling super supportive over a cause, presidential candidate, or your kid being on the honor roll. Eventually, that family of stick figures will outgrow the original message…but now there’s a faded, stuck-on sticker glued to your vehicle. What’s the best way to remove them, you wonder? Look no further; we have […]

Cold Weather and Your Vehicle’s Battery

Did you know vehicle batteries are affected by cold weather? It’s true: crisp, frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on the battery cells. The battery functions thanks to a chemical reaction between the battery case. When cold, that reaction happens much more slowly or not at all. If the battery has aged or is too old, […]

The Importance of Tire Rotation

One of the most crucial yet overlooked aspects of vehicle health is the tires. Tire rotation helps diminish tread wear (grinding and rubbing that occurs while driving) by rotating each tire to a different position on the axles. Most vehicle manufacturers suggest getting the tires rotated every 7,500 miles or six months. Check your owners’ […]

Car Maintenance Schedule Guide

Every car owner has at least a slight understanding of the importance of keeping their vehicle in tip-top shape. Though vehicle maintenance is important, it’s innocently not always done according to the proper schedule. Refer to your vehicle owners’ guide and check out our suggested maintenance schedule below. EVERY THREE MONTHS/3,000 MILES Fluids: unless your […]

The Importance of Engine Coolant Flushes

Engine coolant is also known as antifreeze. This fluid removes excess heat from an engine using heat transfer chemicals such as ethylene or propylene glycol and water. Cars produce a great deal of energy and heat while moving. In the engine, the exhaust and cooling systems are designed to ensure the vehicle remains cool. Coolant […]

What’s the Difference Between AWD and 4WD?

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) are actually two different things. In the past, if you wanted four driven wheels, you were limited to full-size SUV’s and trucks. Nowadays, 4WD has become more sophisticated, and AWD is getting more robust and gaining in popularity. Both are available in cars and SUVs and account for […]

The Importance of Oil Filters

The cheapest insurance for your car doesn’t involve monthly payments. Can you guess what it is? Frequent oil changes and new filters. Oil filters are a crucial element that plays a vital role in your car’s functionality. They sift physical contaminants (dirt, dust, sludge, etc.) that might otherwise find their way into your engine. Filters […]