Removing Stickers from Your Car

We’ve all been there: feeling super supportive over a cause, presidential candidate, or your kid being on the honor roll. Eventually, that family of stick figures will outgrow the original message…but now there’s a faded, stuck-on sticker glued to your vehicle. What’s the best way to remove them, you wonder? Look no further; we have the solution!

Safely removing stickers that have adhered to your car for years without causing damage to the finish or windows can be challenging. If you take away nothing else from this post, remember this: do not use metal scrapers, razor blades, or other abrasives such as sandpaper or steel wool. Instead, keep reading.

First, grab some white vinegar and paper towels. Pour the vinegar over the sticker, then soak some paper towels with vinegar and hold it over the sticker for a while. The vinegar will soften the adhesive and help release the sticker.

Using a plastic spatula, credit card, or any other small, malleable item, you can pry off a corner of the sticker to start. Then, gently pull the sticker up without scratching the vehicle.

Another method for sticker removal is to use a hairdryer on the lowest setting. Hold it roughly six inches from the sticker and swirl the air for about a minute. Do not hold the dryer too close to the vehicle, as it could affect the surface.

Professional Sticker Remover
The most stubborn stickers might not respond to the above methods. Instead, try using some WD-40 or Goo Gone, which is specifically made to remove stickers and gunk. Let the solution soak into the sticker, then gently pull up, and remove.

Once the sticker is removed, wipe away the gooey residue with rubbing alcohol. Then, finish the job with a thorough automotive wax.

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