Cold Weather and Your Vehicle’s Battery

Did you know vehicle batteries are affected by cold weather? It’s true: crisp, frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on the battery cells. The battery functions thanks to a chemical reaction between the battery case. When cold, that reaction happens much more slowly or not at all. If the battery has aged or is too old, it could potentially die. 

Lead plates, water, and sulfuric acid comprise car batteries. There are two plates per battery cell. Four battery cells generate slightly over four volts of power. In total, a car battery generates 12.8 volts, which is enough power to start up your car. When the battery cannot generate the total voltage capacity, the car might have trouble starting up.

Accessories running on the battery (things you have plugged in) can make it even more difficult for your battery to function in the cold. Amenities such as heat, radio, and phone chargers will be apart of the initial drain when you start your car up. Leaving the headlights on or your trunk open can also leave your battery level at zero.

Maintaining a healthy battery during the winter means parking in a garage (not outside) whenever possible, insulating the battery with a device called a “battery blanket,” turning off the heat when exiting the vehicle, and unplugging electronic cords.

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