What Affects Vehicle Gas Mileage?

For many people, their vehicle serves as their primary form of transportation. Whether it’s going to work, home, school, grocery stores, etc., our cars get us where we’re going.

A significant aspect of owning a vehicle is gas mileage. Stopping for gas is as ubiquitous as planning your next meal; filling up both your gas tank and stomach is crucial for success. Just as your body needs fuel to survive, cars need gas to drive.

But what if your car is suddenly guzzling more gas than usual? Are your gas receipts becoming increasingly more expensive? Reduced fuel economy can be caused by several factors, including driving habits, uncontrollable situations, or vehicle issues. Let’s take a dive to learn more.

When it’s cold outside, your car’s engine needs more time to warm up; therefore, it uses more fuel. Idling your vehicle and letting it warm up before getting in can waste a lot of gas. If you notice more gas usage during the winter, you can probably attribute it to weather.

Driving Habits
If you are mostly driving around town, your gas mileage won’t be as high as it is for someone who primarily drives on the freeway. Heavy acceleration, braking, overloading your car, and speeding guzzle more gas.

Vehicle Issues
A sudden drop in fuel economy can signal an issue with your vehicle. To avoid physical issues, it’s best to stick to your vehicle’s preventative maintenance schedule via the Owners’ Manual. Problems affecting gas mileage include fuel injector/pump problems, exhaust system leaks, old/dirty/wrong motor oil, worn/misfiring spark plugs, wheel balance/alignment issues, or tire problems.

The experts at Complete Auto Maintenance Center can get your vehicle running efficiently again. If you’ve noticed a drop in fuel economy, bring your car in today.

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Written by the digital marketing staff at Creative Programs & Systems: www.cpsmi.com.