Don’t Be Indifferent About Your Vehicle’s Differential

Most vehicle owners understand the importance of regular oil changes and tire rotations. However, other maintenance gets put on the back burner because of cost or time constraints. Oftentimes, people ignore service recommendations until they require repair. The saying “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” does not apply to vehicle maintenance. Without regular vehicle upkeep, parts or whole systems such as the differential can stop working without warning or become costly to fix.

 What Is Your Vehicle’s Differential?

The differential is part of the drivetrain and helps to evenly distribute vehicle power to each wheel. When a car turns, the pair of wheels rotate at different speeds. The outer wheel travels faster than the inner wheel, so as you round a corner, the differential ensures that both wheels have equal torque (the twisting force that causes wheels to rotate around an axle.) Having even torque in both wheels provides better traction while turning, keeping your car in control.  

 What Is Differential Fluid?

Differential fluid or gear fluid lubricates the gear housing compartment, which holds the bearings, clutch pads, and gears. The differential fluid prevents overheating of the friction from metal-on-metal contact. Old, grimy fluid or low differential fluid can cause rattling noises and lead to the rear wheels locking up, which can cause an accident. It can also damage the differential and associated parts, resulting in costly repairs.

Now that you better understand how hard differentials work to keep your vehicle operating safely, don’t be indifferent about it. Mechanics recommend changing your differential fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Doing so can save you from excessive repair and replacement costs. Check your vehicle’s mileage and service records to determine if it’s time for differential fluid service. If your vehicle is a four-wheel drive, your mechanic may need to service both differentials.

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