The Importance of Oil Filters

The cheapest insurance for your car doesn’t involve monthly payments. Can you guess what it is? Frequent oil changes and new filters.

Oil filters are a crucial element that plays a vital role in your car’s functionality. They sift physical contaminants (dirt, dust, sludge, etc.) that might otherwise find their way into your engine. Filters strain and store grime and are of no use once full. Bigger objects can ultimately clog intake valves if left unattended. The longer you go between oil changes, the more contaminants are trapped inside the oil filter. The more debris trapped in the filter, the less efficient the filter becomes.

Replacing the oil filter with every oil change is good practice. If you want to extend the life of your engine, don’t skip replacing the filter as they trap harmful contaminants that can damage the working parts of your car’s engine. Follow your vehicle owners’ manual for recommended oil change intervals, which are usually based on months and miles. Engine oil works most efficiently when it’s clean and pure, and free from debris.

If your engine is running on fresh, new oil, why not allow it to flow through a pristine filter, as well? New oil reaches peak efficiency when it lubricates engine parts, reduces wear and tear, and keeps operating temperatures healthy. In time, changing your oil filter simultaneously with the oil itself will help save your engine from grime, sludge, or large metallic objects.

Aggressive drivers or those who travel through extreme conditions will see the oil filter wear-and-tear accelerate. Filters that are overtaxed will lose effectiveness more quickly, especially in dusty environments. Dirt roads, salt, and other debris will clog the oil filter more frequently.

Overall, contaminants pose a threat to your engine’s health. To prevent more significant issues down the road, ensure you change your oil filter with each oil change.

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