With that being said, it’s obvious that owners have to use a little more tender loving care when maintaining their vehicles. And this all begins with the engine the heart and soul of a vehicle. Perhaps your having engine troubles. One issue that is typically associated with older engines is compression problems. This is usually caused by increased friction, oxidation, corrosion or worn piston rings.

If this continues to go unchecked, you could be looking at a hefty repair bill. So you don’t have the money to fix everything at once. Believe it or not, you can extend the time frame of said repair by using a simple, affordable solution, an oil stabilizer.

Those who want to extend the life expectancy of their cars, as well as those who want to keep their new cars fresh, typically use oil stabilizers.

Most people use stabilizers because they are experiencing internal oil loss said Mark Negast, technical director for Lucas Oil. “This is oil you lose through the combustion process. They’ll use heavy duty stabilizers, which help seal the area between the cylinder walls and piston rings, thereby reducing the amount of oil that gets past the piston rings to help reduce oil consumption.

A symptom of oil consumption is smoke coming out of the exhaust, which is caused by worn piston rings. Worn piston rings let oil get past them, and it ends up burning in the combustion chamber this is also known as blow-by.

Oil stabilizers are also designed for cold start-ups, so they are especially useful in the winter. A cold start-up is when your engine is ignited and the motor oil does not reach the metal parts it is intended to lubricate before they start rubbing together. Stabilizers remain on the moving surfaces of the engine, thus providing lubrication right when it’s needed. There are varying degrees of viscosity levels in stabilizers, which, in turn, increases the viscosity of the oil and improves the overall performance.

In the end, it’s all about the Benjamins, right Stabilizers add lubricity, which improves combustion and, therefore, increases your fuel economy. Negast said both synthetic stabilizers and petroleum-based stabilizers are available.

So if you’re looking to take care of your new baby or want to prolong the life of ole faithful, oil stabilizers are a great way to ensure maximum performance from your engine. Oil stabilizers will help decrease blow-by, protect during cold starts, and eliminate smoke from the exhaust and engine noise, while also improving fuel economy. It’s a logical choice.