One way to show older vehicles some love is with high-mileage motor oil. It is recommended to start using high-mileage motor oil when the odometer clicks past 75,000 miles (120,000 km). For those motorists who like to get the top level of performance, there are full synthetic high-mileage motor oils available.

One of the main functions of motor oil is to cool the engine. So, oil must be able to withstand high temperatures. If the oil can’t take high temperatures, it will break down and form deposits in the engine, making the engine temperature rise.

There are also some unique problems that high-mileage vehicles experience as opposed to newer vehicles. They tend to suffer from oil consumption. Oil consumption can be caused by a number of factors such as shrunken engine seals or worn engine parts.

Oil consumption can show up in a couple different ways. You may see spots of oil on your driveway, or you may see nothing. You may just find when it comes time to change the oil, the oil level is down a bit.

A few decades ago, drivers would check their oil level at every tank fill up. Now, almost nobody looks at the oil level until it is changed. So, it is crucial to use a motor oil in high-mileage engines that helps reduce oil consumption and ensures you’re not running low.

Oil consumption puts strain on the oil. If your engine level is a quart low, there is a lot more stress on the oil. As your oil circulates through the engine, it only gets a certain amount of time to rest and recover and that’s when it’s in the oil pan. However, if your oil is not at the proper level, it doesn’t get its allotted time to rest.

This means the oil is always being stressed and is always at a high temperature, causing the oil to wear out more quickly. When the oil wears out, that’s when deposits and wear start showing up. These will ultimately lead to a shorter life for your engine. Your engine is going to last longer if you take care of it, and one of the best ways to take care of it is to use an oil that is designed specifically for a high-mileage engine. So, show your engine a little love with high-mileage motor oil.