Simply stop by one of our five conveniently located shops and purchase an oil change or any other preventative maintenance service. With your receipt, you’ll receive your exclusive FREE Loyalty Rewards PLUS card, along with a few Refer a Friend cards.

Click the link at & register your card. Be sure to enter your exclusive Rewards PLUS card number. Your account will then reflect a $10.00 credit.

For every service you purchase using your card, you’ll receive an additional

15% credit to your account.

Now it’s time to refer a friend!

Take a few of our Refer A Friend card and distribute them to your friends, co-workers and relatives. (Be sure to write your Rewards PLUS number on each card.) Each time one of your referred friends purchase any service using the Refer A Friend card at any of our five locations, they will receive $10 off on that day. In addition, you, the referring friend, receive an additional $10.00 credit to your account. Then, your friend becomes a Rewards PLUS member and the process begins again for them.

These credits may be used toward any service at any time. Save your credits for a free oil change or for other maintenance your vehicle may need in the future. We’re sorry but credits cannot be used in combination with any other offers or discounts.

You will also receive occasional email specials available only to Loyalty Rewards PLUS members to keep your car in tune while saving you a lot of money along the way.

Let us get you started on the Loyalty Rewards PLUS Program today!