Did you know if you are a COMPLETE AUTO MAINTENANCE CENTERS’ customer, you can get your fluids topped off for FREE in between oil changes.*

Topping off your fluids during winter is paramount.  All too often we go about our day to day, forgetting that we just used a gallon of windshield wiper fluid the previous day following that semi-truck on the way home from work.  You see, vehicles in front of us spray water, slush and SALT onto our windshields when we follow too closely.  We can use our windshield wipers to clear the slush and water, but salt is simply smeared.  In this scenario we can simply use washer fluid to clear the salt; but what happens when we run out of windshield washer fluid? It can be very scary when the salt is spread so much that we can no longer see the road.  This is why it is important to keep your windshield washer fluid topped off.


If you wear glasses, it is “clear” that your vision is different when you take them off.  The difference between new wiper blades and old ones can be similar when you are driving.  Just because you can “kind of see” isn’t worth the risk.  A good rule of thumb is to replace your blades before snow fall and definitely before the salt trucks hit the road.  A good set of blades can clear more of the salt than an older warn out blade. Having new blades can save you money in fluids and possibly save a life.

Swing by one of our five Complete Auto Maintenance Centers to review your car’s fluid needs, tire rotation and wiper blades to make sure you are ready for the wintery roads.

* See store for details.