If your car is overheating, it can be very serious. You shouldn’t continue to drive if you see the temperature gauge has moved towards the “hot” side. Your car may not immediately have issues, but driving with an overheating engine can cause serious damage to your vehicle. It’s better to pull over and deal with it right away instead of risking very expensive repairs later.

There are a number of things that can cause your car to overheat.  Some of these are very common and easily remedied.  It is very important that you take good care of your cooling system, or it will really cost you.

Some reasons for your car to overheat include:

1.  There is an anti-freeze leak.  Many people think that anti-freeze is only important in the winter time, as a means of preventing your coolant from freezing.  But, let’s also refer to it by its other name… “Coolant”.  Coolant is designed not only to not freeze in the winter time, but it has high temperature properties as well.  It is vital in the summer time to pull the heat away from your engine an effort to “Cool” it down.  I there is a leak, there will not be sufficient fluid to cool the engine and engine damage could and most likely will result.  Having your hoses inspected and replaced by a Complete Auto Maintenance Centers mechanic will go a long way to protect your engine from overheating due to this type of leak.

2.  Improper Circulating Coolant.  If the water/antifreeze mixture is not correct, your engine is not fully protected.  a Complete Auto Maintenance Centers representative is trained on the correct proportions and ratios to keep your engine safe.

3.  Coolant is old and broken down.  The coolant you put in your car does not last forever.  It breaks down over time from the constant heat in the summer and cold in the winter.  In time, it will not have the properties to do its job.  That is why it is important to flush your anti-freeze and replace it.  Talk to a Complete Auto Maintenance Centers Representative about your anti-freeze and when he/she thinks is a good time for you next flush.

Some say a “Stitch in time saves nine.”  When it comes to protecting your engine, especially in the summer time, replacing the hoses and fluids in your engine will save you tons of time AND money in the future.

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