Complete Auto Maintenance Centers offers a FREE Windshield Washer Fluid Exchange.

Bring your car into any of our 5 locations and a Complete Auto Maintenance Centers team member will replace your windshield washer fluid with a winter mix that is less likely to freeze.  The service is FREE.

Check your tires. Worn tires are dangerous in winter weather. Examine tires for remaining tread life, uneven wearing, and cupping; check the sidewalls for cuts and nicks. Check tire pressure once a month, letting the tires “cool down before checking the pressure. Rotate as recommended. Don’t forget to check your spare, and be sure the jack is in good working condition. Under-inflated tires or poorly aligned wheels makes your engine work harder and thus use excess gasoline.

Inspect all lights and bulbs. Replace burned out bulbs; periodically clean road grime from all lenses. To prevent scratching, never use a dry rag. Clouded lenses can be refinished by many service outlets or by using a DIY kit found in major auto parts outlets.

Check your Transmission. The transmission is often neglected until a major failure. Routine checks and fluid changes at prescribed intervals can prevent very costly repairs down the line.

Fuel Deicer. As the temperature drops below freezing, add a bottle of fuel deicer in your tank once a month to help keep moisture from freezing in the fuel line. Keeping the gas tank filled also helps prevent moisture from forming.

Always carry an emergency kit with you: extra gloves, boots and blankets; flares; a small shovel and sand or kitty litter; tire chains; a flashlight and extra batteries; and a cell phone and extra car charger. Put a few “high-energy” snacks in your glove box.

Winter conditions can be harsh on any vehicle, however; preparing your vehicle for winter will go a long way to assure it will not be harsh on your pocket book.

Stop in to any of our 5 Complete Maintenance Auto Centers TODAY to help get your car ready for what is said to be one of our harshest winters yet.